Sunday, November 11, 2012

Revamped Hall Table

Told you I need an intervention to stop me from my constant search for items that can be given a makeover!!!!
This is an old hall table that was put out for council clean-up.  Fortunately there was no need for furtive curb-side shopping as it was put out by my lovely neighbor:)
I just grabbed it and hauled it back in from the verge.

It sat outside for months (seems to be a theme for any curb-side purchases of mine) before I got around to painting it.
The usual routine was involved - a clean with disinfectant (no offence to my neighbors), a sand and then a wipe down to get the dust off.

This time I went with a limewash affect for the table top and used a murobond sample pot to do the legs and remainder.

These shots were taken around Halloween...the bats and voodoo necklace are now back in storage.  Mirror is one I've had for years, thinking I may need to give it a new coat of with it here for a while before I make up my mind.
So what's the verdict?  I think it makes for a nice welcome as you enter the porch from the stairs of death....


  1. No wonder you needed the lady shed you must have so many tins of paint!

    The hall table looks amazing as did the wardrobe. You could go into business collecting and painting old furniture. I bet your neighbour wants it back!

  2. What a great idea to have it on the porch! I love it :)

  3. Look at you GO!! you amazing thing!

    xo em


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