Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vinnies Trolley Revamp

A Bloggy hello to all of you out there in cyberspace:)
I've been observing my "stats" and I've been pleasantly surprised to see that my pageviews are increasing. So a special hello to anyone who reads KATcapers and hasn't introduced themselves....I'd love to hear from you if you feel so inclined to comment.

This weeks DIY project is a wooden trolley that I picked up at a Vinnies store not far from us.  I liked it's simple lines and I particularly like the old casters.  She's now been christened the Trolley Dolly.

Like all my projects, the Trolley Dolly is naturally a "she".  One of these days I'll make a boy (ie furniture DIY not baby!) but given that we're a house heavily disposed to the female hormonal inclinations I'm going to keep referring to this one in the feminine.
I'm imagining that she was once a drinks trolley?  Her veneered shelves held the odd bottle of sherry and some delicate glassware?
In our house she's being re purposed as a printer trolley.  She's the perfect height to slide under the desk in the kitchen (photo above).
Note the relatively neat desk top and the lack of electrical cords below?  Hmmmmnnn another example of my OCD behavior which I need to confess to - I installed some hanging baskets (ie the spice rack variety) to get the bloody cables out of view!  This deserves a post of it's own...stay tuned:)
First job was to whip out the Bosch palm sander and get to work taking the stain off her.
Note to self - next time don't be lazy and do this in the back room with no mask on!!!!

I managed to accomplish sanding, dusting her off, wiping her down to get the remaining dust off and started undercoating her before school pickup.  Fifteen minutes before I was due to depart, it was time to get out of my painting attire and get myself presentable for our after school activities.

My essentials for a few hours of DIY:
  • Radio tuned to 702 ABC Local Radio
  • My painting tracky dacks
  • My painting 'smock' which is an old linen dress now reserved for painting duties only
  • My Birkies (ie my Birkenstock sandals for those uninitiated of you out there)

FYI toes are currently shellacked to an inch of their life...I'm finding Shellac on my toesies very easy and durable.
Aaaahh if only I could spend all day doing this.  Alas, children, chores, preparing dinner get in the way.

You can see that my trolley dolly has lovely bones beneath that unattractive dark stain.  Unfortunately the veneer shelves don't come up as well but I'm not fussed as I just needed to get enough traction going for the undercoat to adhere to.

Next post will be to show you Trolley Dolly with her undercoat applied and perhaps (optimistically) painted up in her finery.

What's the verdict my lovely readers?  I'd love to hear your thoughts:)


  1. Just perfect for a printer, especially when you get a paper jam and have to get round the back.

  2. Trolly Dolly's undergarments are very respectable! Looking forward to seeing her gussied up....

  3. looks wonderful
    I really love the color


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