Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Folding Shelf Unveiled

Hello readers!
Well I'm nothing if not consistent so as with most DIY projects here at KATcapers I've kept you all in suspense with unveiling the finished product.  Sarah at A Beach Cottage I am not:)
In the case of my innovative use of an old louvre door as extra bench space in the laundry, it was my mum who enquired as to what had come of it.  So, with a minimum of pfoofing (so not a word in the Macquarie Dictionary but should be) here you go....the great unveiling!

A reminder of what it started out as...your basic louvre door, reclaimed from a local second hand building supplies joint
Here she is 'in situ' - note the clean toilet:)
As I outlined in the original post, I decided to just sand her back and give her a coat of clear varnish.  I like how she's come up with the grey undertone.  Think it looks good...don't burst my bubble peeps!

To protect little heads (and big peoples as well) I attached a hook to keep her in a safe upright position when she's not in use.

After umming and aahing about what to hang above her I went with one of my favourite prints courtesy of Janette at My Sweet Prints.
My shelf sits on a batten attached to the side of the laundry cabinets (thank you Saint Mike).  This is still to be painted...

The door was cut in half and then hinged to enable it to fold down.

My little shelf has already more than delivered on her promise.  She's a great place to put the laundry basket when folding is in progress and with five people in the house and therefore plenty of laundry, she's in use more often than she's not!
In case any of you are wondering, so far there's been no clean laundry dropped in the loo:)
So there you have it.  What do you think mum??


  1. Oh I rather love it.. really I do.. looks lovely as artwork on the wall and inspired use!! x

  2. wow! excellent use of a recycled screen and fabulous that it has such a handy use! Us mothers can never have enough space. i have no bench in my laundry so folding of washing happens on my if i don't fold it that day, i cant get in my bed! all looks lovely in your laundry! xx


  3. It looks really good Libby, Congrats XXX


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