Friday, October 19, 2012

Ready for big school


Having been through the preschool phase twice already I knew that Littlest KAT would reach that natural tipping point where she was really ready for big school.

I can confidently say that in her case we haven't had a gentle cresting of the hill and tipped gracefully over the we've been on a headlong sprint to the edge of the cliff and jumped off screaming with delight.

Littlest KAT's brain synapses are firing so brilliantly you could see them from the moon.

When I collected her yesterday she spent most of the drive home recounting the science experiment the "senior" preschoolers had conducted that day involving food dye, water, plastic cups and pieces of celery.

We stopped off on the way home to get some celery from our lovely local green grocer Vince. Once I had provided her with the plastic cups (out of our trusty party box where I keep all party paraphernalia) she got herself setup.

She knew what to do and what the experiment should achieve. She wowed us with her capable and confident articulation. We were in awe of the brain-power of this five year old. School ready she certainly is:)



  1. so, so exciting, watching thought and process fall into place in our little ones. what a delightful thrill! :)sarah

  2. Strange how it just suddenly arrives huh?.. not that I have seen it before but K is 100% ready and its like she aged a year in 1 month!!


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