Monday, October 29, 2012

Staging an intervention on behalf of the Ladyshed

After a fair bit of dithering the Ladyshed now has a functional floor.
I say functional because it's not the "if money was no object" resolution that we want (that would involve a lovely recycled timber floor laid over the Yellowtongue).
See this face?  This is the face of a man who can dither, procrastinate, obfuscate with the best of the them!  I love him to death but he was truly driving me to distraction with his inability to "resolve" the floor issue.  He simply could not make up his mind.
Weeks ago when the faint sound of warning bells went off in my head I suggested painting the floor as a short term solution.  He gave me the "face".  Any of you with husbands will know the "face".  It's the expression that is meant to be a poker face but fleetingly expresses the mental thought bubble "in your imagination darling!!!!"
A few weeks passed.  The boy contents of the Ladyshed sat under a tarp outside whilst nothing much was happening on the interior.
Finally I decided that it was time for a Come To Jesus moment:)
In a pattern that has been repeated many times in this house I chose to stage this intervention once we'd gone to bed a couple of weeks ago. 
Righto, I said.  What.Are.We.Doing??????
Saint Mike rehashed the sorry saga of his decision-making process regarding the floor.  I listened feigning understanding and patience.
Then I gently (it was an effort trust me) suggested that he allow me to paint the floor and see how it came up.......if he hated it then I would ride roughshod over his financial reserve (not an unusual sequence of events) and organize the recycled timber floor.
Cue the sound effects.  Saint Mike thankfully saw the light.
A trip to Bunnings later and having cleaned the Yellowtongue with some sugar soap I got started.
Two coats of Cabots later and my colour choice of "Mattock" (dodgy name, nice colour...sort of a putty tone which is fitting for a shed) was on.
I followed this with two coats of a Cabots water-based estapolly thingy (see very technical) and we have a somewhat shiny finish that is pleasing to my eye.
The verdict from Saint Mike?  He loves it.  So much so that he got his butt into gear on Sunday morning, whipped off to Bunnings for the fixings to make himself a manly workbench.

The skirting boards are in and painted and now so too is the re-used Elfa Storage System that used to be in the laundry.
 Next on the list is to purchase a lockable cabinet for the chemicals/paint tins etc to ensure that little fingers can't get into them.  I'm also finishing painting the windows and door reveals and then it's time to start working on the curtain to screen off all the boy stuff. 

It's truly a work in progress people!!!! 

What do you think??  Does the floor pass muster as an interum solution?


  1. ooh i love it! i actually thought it was polished concrete before reading your post! and can i say, i don't think you'll regret it...looks way easier to clean than floor boards would nice as floor boards are! what are the plans for the ladyshed may i ask??? what creativity will be seen within those walls?

  2. Looks great. A good neutral colour that will work well with your pops of colour elsewhere.

  3. What a great team you both make! The floor looks great. Do you have a long handled roller or was this a hands and knees job? (I don't do those!)


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