Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pasting the days away

There's been some more wallpapering going on over here at KATcapers.
It seems that if there's a choice between doing another load of laundry and doing a bit of wallpapering I will always choose the latter option.
Slapping up some wallpaper is a great excuse to exercise my creativity.  I'd been eyeing off the back of my shelves for some time....

Instead of sticking with the one pattern I used two papers from my Etsy stash in complimentary tones of green and blue.

Pops of orange are still making me smile.

I'm patiently training the older two KATs to place the plates back in the correct spots on the shelf.  If I have to have open shelving then it darned well needs to look organized (yes scary OCD behavior I know).

Canisters were a find on our recent holiday...probably overpriced but I had to have them:)

The yellow flour canister hides all of Sally's treats! 

The orange wooden box on the top right shelf was picked up at a junk store.  It holds plastic clips from Ikea to keep bags of cereal etc closed....the rest of the pantry in the CLOSED cupboard (which isn't blog worthy at all) isn't quite as tidy.
I've now almost exhausted my supply of vintage wallpaper....going to have to do some perusing of Etsy for some more inspiration!!!


  1. Super cute. Love it.

  2. looks gorgeous! love the wallpaper colours with the pops of bright citrus on the shelves!! And those canisters...well i don't blame you for splurging...great find x

  3. Wow! I love the wallpaper. I have lots of childhood memories of getting it off (using scrapers and bowls of hot water) rather than putting it up!

  4. It looks lovely Libby, I wish that decorative skills flowed the other Way

  5. Ooh! Just fabulous, Lib. Bravo. Of course the blue and green have me hooked! J x


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