Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Littlest KAT turns 4

The butterfly cake that happens when mummy is at work all day, remembers to order a cake from the local bakery and then manages to rustle up some 'butterflies' for decoration....good job mum :)

Bunting that we've had for a few years now...always comes out the night before any of the KAT's birthday's to give their day a festive twist (unfortunately I didn't have time to iron it this time!)

The birthday cards...the world can become complete digital but nothing will beat a display of birthday (or christmas cards) to make you feel the love

Dolly, Bear and assorted Tigers, Leopards and little people had to be arranged next to the dinner table for our birthday celebration...which consisted of lots of rice at the request of our youngest KAT (her favourite food)

Happy Birthday sweet girl...we adore you :)

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