Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sand Between Our Toes

We were supposed to get up early and go to an end of season netball presentation day......we didn't make it.

Instead we bought coffees and croissants and drove down to a lovely park and frollicked.  The weather was a bit bleak but that doesn't seem to matter to our girls. 

Miss Four is totally owning her new tulle dress!

Miss Eight adopted a novel approach of getting her and her little sister to the top of the slide...Miss Four climbed up by clinging to her big sisters ankles!

We walked out onto the long jetty braving the blustery conditions.  The water washing over the steps was fascinating...

They loved the way the colour of the water changed beneath the steps

We collected the oldest KAT on the way home...all in all it was a much better way to spend our morning than standing around at a netball presentation day :)

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