Monday, August 29, 2011

What Kids Sport Should Be About

Our oldest KAT had a huge victory on Saturday winning her netball grand final against a very tough opposing team.
We are not a huge sporting family.  Neither SM nor I are huge "fans" of any sport...but that's not to say we don't understand the value that playing in a team can bring to a growing child.
Today I received the following email from the netball made me very happy to read it.  She is a wonderful person who has bought out the best in all the girls.  I hope you enjoy reading it...
"I have been reflecting on the netball season that was, thank you all so much for allowing me to be coach. I’ve enjoyed it enormously even though I became coach by default. As time progressed and I got to know each girl better the job got easier. 
Kate, my player that couldn’t run. Well that wasn’t true, adrenaline maybe.Kate you’ve found a niche as GK and have improved so much this season. Your determination, skill and pretty ballerina stance when defending make me smile. Such a little chatterbox off the court but so focused on the court when it matters most. I have enjoyed your infectious laugh and sound effects. Believe in yourself, you really are great. Thank you Kate
Bella, one of our most versatile players able to go anywhere. Any position, any time, not a problem, your attitude made my job a whole lot easier and no matter where you were put you always excelled. The fight you displayed came from deep within you on Saturday and I wouldn’t want to go against you as you go forward. Your smile so slow to reveal itself lights up your face and makes your eyes sparkle. Thank you Bella
Saffron,  accept my gratitude for your understanding the need to move you into the centre position and doing it so capably. Saffron you were always so reliable and dedicated, I don’t remember you missing a single training session. You were also always one of the first to compliment the other girls if they having a great game. I still crack up when I think of you doing your impersonation of the Justin Bieber fans. Priceless Thank You Saffie
Charli, you bring such grace to the game. Your little twirl of the ball before you took a shot gave me the jitters, i needn’t have worried, it nearly always paid of. Your ability to stay calm under pressure made you a shoe in for the GS position and sure helped get us across the line on Saturday. I have enjoyed your sweet nature, your heartfelt expression when offering support your to team mates is truly gorgeous. Thanks Charli
Amelia, little miss spot on every time. Spot on with shooting and getting around on the court. Your heart is always in it making you an amazing asset to the team. Your height is such an advantage,combined with your skill makes a deadly combination, no wonder the Peninsula GD always had a frown on her face. Your ability to have a laugh at training but still stay focused on doing the right thing made you a joy to have around.Thanks Amelia.
Maddy, such a tiger. You couldn’t have gone anywhere but defence. No ball was ever going to get past you without a fight. Your funny faces that you pulled at the umpire and death stares you gave your opponents when you were pulled up were a treat. You ran your legs off covering every inch of the court and still showed no signs of slowing down at the end. What did you do with the singing and dancing Maddy that shows up at training?  We’ll miss you next year and I hope New Zealand enjoys you as much as we have. Thank you and take care Maddy.
Ruby, your jumping skills certainly have improved and helped intercept many balls to change direction of play. Your ability to anticipate direction of play and get into position are valuable assets to have. Your never say die and I’m really angry now attitude will always carry you through. Although you’re cheeky I really enjoy your sense of humour and the happiness you bring to the team. Thanks Ruby
Anna, we missed you so much and could certainly have done with your dynamic skills. You have been an integral part in getting us to the finals. I have enjoyed coaching you so much. You have been so much fun, your little shoulder slump when things go wrong is so cute.  Hope you’re having the time of your life. Thanks Anna
The last thing I ask of you all is to go forward believing in yourselves and always have fun along the way."

How lucky are these girls to have had the experience of this wonderful lady in their lives...this is what kids sport should be all about, the winning is just the icing on the cake!


  1. Lucky indeed. I'm sure they will all love reading such words of encouragement. Congrats to your girl! gxo

  2. Thanks Georgie, she was indeed very chuffed...

  3. Oh bless - that's what coaches should be like. And wooo hooo on your team's win!

  4. Thank you....and thanks for visiting my blog :)


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