Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Plastic Fantastic

Don't you love how in the midst of a market meltdown and the nightly Molotov cocktail throwing antics occurring in the UK that I can still while away a good 15 minutes (I'm being conservative) on blog-hopping around checking out the many and varied concepts in kids party "styling"!

If it isn't already, the word 'styling' should be up there in the top words for 2011...you can't flip the TV dial (such an old fashioned concept) without coming upon a home reno show where the contestants are styling something....and I am enjoying them all soooo much :)

My only concern is when in the interests of styling, some basic common sense goes out the window.  Am I the only person that is slightly concerned at the upsurge in the use of GLASS bottles as receptacles for drinks at children's parties?? 

Perhaps it's just a web phenomenon but my goodness, the good old mini-milk bottle is having a major come back and I'm predicting a statistic will eventually pop up citing the increase in glass cuts in young children!

Or does that make me a major party pooper?

It could just be another one of those moments where I wryly observe that my wave of mummies (I was never and will never be yummy) has been surpassed by the new breed of savvy yummy mummies that seem to be able to source supplies that make any occasion a photo opportunity worthy of a magazine spread.

Don't get me wrong, the images are DIVINE, I'm guilty of plenty of "styling" with the numerous birthday celebrations we've hosted for the KAT's.  However, having been through this wringer countless times, I'm also painfully aware that the hours spent 'styling' the party table are rendered pointless about a nano-second after the party-goers arrive and you end up with half-eaten food, half-drunk refreshments (usually poppers labelled with masking tape for writing names) and assorted detritus littering said party-table!

So now I'm in search of a glass equivalent for the youngest KAT's 4th birthday party...something that gives the 'look' without the potential danger (and no I'm not a cotton-balling mother!!!)

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