Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spur of the Moment Ideas

Have I mentioned that I'm a bit of a control enthusiast?

Mmmmnnn perhaps not, but now you know!  My levels of control enthusiasm do wax and wane but if there was one of those really loud metal detector equivalent thingies it would be beeping like it had hit a major haul when I'm about 60 minutes and counting to an 'event'.

When I say 'event' I should clarify and say that we are not major entertainers...if inviting a few families over for a casual bbq dinner is an event for you then you're my sort of person.....cos that's my idea of an 'event'....something that is manageable and okay when the food isn't served on fine china with crystal glasses!!!

Anyway back to Saturday.  So, what do you do when you've got people coming over and you've been phaffing (is that how it's spelt or is it faffing??) about all day instead of doing the thing you should have been doing which is getting your back patio tidied up and rid of all the CRAP that seems to accumulate no matter how much you chuck out!!

Well if you're me (and lucky for you you aint) you decide that you need to have a "feature" and go rummaging about in SM's shed for some wood, a couple of rope thingies and you string up a hanging shelf....a perfect place on which to display your newest online purchAse...the paper bags that hold a twinkling tea light when the sun goes down.

Note the dashing (literally) figure of our youngest KAT as she scuttles across the shot!

Luckily it all worked out and they looked sooooo lovely....SM commented that I could have saved myself money if I'd got the hole punch out and done the love hearts myself...shows what he knows, this took talent for whatever Scandinavian person spent hours whipping them up!!

Fortunately there isn't a before shot of me astride the step ladder with the streamers...trying to cover up the rope...I attempted to hang fairy lights as well and gave it up as a bad joke...maybe next time I can improve on my "feature"!

In the meantime, I'm gloating :)


  1. Oh i just found your blog, it's delightful, i'm a Sydney girl born & bred, but have lived all over the country, now settled in Canberra, with my 3 girls (& a boy at the end, i dare you to go there). Congratulations on the sweet party & how lovely is that letter from the netball coach in the previous post, but check out those children's names, it's certainly a new world. Love Posie

  2. Hey, I was there and it was tres lovely! xxx

  3. You were indeed...and made the best pavlova EVER made :)


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