Thursday, September 1, 2011

Toddler Couch Torture

Whoever invented the toddler couch deserves a good time out (I would say smack but that's not PC anymore!).

Has anyone else notice that these things are an instrument of torture?

I avoided them with our oldest two KAT's...some instinct told them that aside from being a constant trip hazard, stain magnet and general source of annoyance there was something about them that I just didn't take to.

That will teach me.  I should have stuck with my instincts!!

But no, 3rd child comes along...poor little KAT...SO deprived (NOT).

I wasn't even looking for one but the cute green ginhamness of it just snuck up and sucked me right in and before you know it I had bought it (online of course!!).

The first warning that I had ignored my instincts at my peril was when it arrived with a SPARE COVER....alarm bells started ringing and I then spent the first few days desperately trying to circumvent any potential 'food' item from coming in contact with it.  Actually, that's probably an exaggeration...first few seconds is more like it knowing me :)

In the just over 12 months that we've owned it I will fess up that I've washed the cover twice...once quite early on in the piece and the second time this week.

Why you ask....well you obviously have never had the pleasure of owning one of these contraptions, you need a degree in multi-dimensional CADCAM design to engineer the stupid pieces of foam back into the bloody cover!!!!!!

After wash #1 I was so exhausted by the process that I was loathe to EVER wash it again..if our littlest KAT hasn't developed a kick butt immune system from the germs on this thing then she never will! 

Don't ask me why I decided to finally wash the cover again...I have no idea, must have been during a sugar high (those happen quite frequently).  Anyway, photos are to demonstrate how it's only still in situe in our house because:
  1. The green gingham still has MAJOR pulling power with me
  2. Littlest KAT adores it and loves to use it as a play area with her tigers...and
  3. She looks super cute sitting on it :)
Note the fact that it was redressed beneath the Keep Calm picture on our oldest KAT's bed!!!!  That advice was certainly required today.

Have you endured the torture of the toddler couch??

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