Monday, September 19, 2011

Girl Power

On the quite rare occasions when SM goes away, the KATs and I like to play!

We call it 'GirlPower' time and it's a way of making the time go faster until daddy can be with us again.

Yesterday we had a blissful Sunday morning down at the was relaxed, refreshing and just what the doctor ordered for a mummy who is suffering very badly from my low-carb, high-exercise training regime (OMG how did I sign myself up for this????).

We headed down early (anytime before 9 is considered early in our house), grabbed some banana bread for the KATs and a skim latte for mum and then meandered around to the ocean pool.

It is one of the most sublime spots in Sydney...a true delight!

The sun was shining, the tourists were out and we braved the frigid (15 degrees celcius apparently) water with abandonment (although my middle KAT was not as enthusiastic as the rest of us!!)

Here's some arty farty shots....hope you enjoy them :)


  1. Oh yes, we play when my husband's away, unfortunately that is months. Love a good ocean pool, especially after they are washed out by the magic of the Sydney Harbour tides. Is there a nice one in Woollstonecraft, i can't remember the last one i used (besides Bondi, we usually go to Coogee, Clontarf or Balmoral when we visit, i prefer Balmoral & it's baby waves). Lucky you, what a gorgeous outing, love Posie

  2. I know that some people really hate when their partner's travel, but this girl loves it. We relax a bit, we go on adventures, and we take it easy.

    The weather looks so great in Sydney, and I think we might brave the ocean one day soon too!

    So glad you had a lovely time. Great shots! xx

  3. Wish we could have come! Sounds like you had a great time! Lovely pictures.


  4. Hello a new follower here.

    I'm enjoying having a poke around and look forward to following your KAT's capers :)

    Kate x


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