Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Love a bit of bouffant 80's hair!!!

Oh my God I'm about to be contentious!!!!

Watch out blogworld, the real me is coming out :)

I have a blog that I read but don't follow....I don't always enjoy the sponsored posts so don't want it popping up in my reader thingy.

It's a CCASP blogger (look I made up an acronym!)  That would be Clever, Crafty, Attractive, Successful & Paid blogger.  She has more followers than I could dream of having and her posts are about her kids (who are gorgeous), her craft (she's amazing), her cooking (don't know how she fits in what she manages to conjure up) and her sponsors (the last two may be related...lots using one particular 'gadget').

All power to her I say, she's got a successful Work at Home business going by the looks of it.

Where I take 'issue' and I'm putting it in inverted comments because I'm freely admitting that I'm being a bit of a COW (but I really do admire her) is when someone who is clearly 'working' adopts the term SAHM.........................................

You say tomAto, I say tom(ar)to

I couldn't give a toss what you choose to do and you shouldn't care what I choose to do work-wise.  As long as we are both focused on raising Happy, Healthy, Well-adjusted and Nurtured children, the semantics don't matter.....so why not just admit that you are in fact receiving payment for work and that makes you a working mother?

The definition of 'employed' according to some random online dictionary I just googled is:

"having your services engaged for; or having a job especially one that pays wages or a salary"

When is it going to become passe to engage in this dialogue that only serves to create a them and us mentality?? 

We all 'work' in some form or other don't we...paid or unpaid...inside the home or outside the home (for the record I've done both and done just the 24hr kid thing and none of them is in any way perfect!!!) 

Anyway, the whole term is ridiculous...invented by a bloke?  'Stay At Home Mother'...wouldn't all mothers (working and not working) kill to actually stay at home...instead they're running around ragged keeping up with everyone's demands!!!

Right that's my point of view, feel free to take me to task but for goodness sake me gentle and don't crucify me!


  1. Stay at home Mums are still there for their children in a far greater sense than working Mums. I've just come from her blog and I think she is a genuine stay at home Mum. She cuddles and cleans and does everything necessary to wualify. The fact that she also works when she can should not detract from the fact that she is there for her family something working away mothers can not be to nearly the same extent. I think this lady gets criticised far too much and so have taken this opportunity to stick up for her because I applaud the efforts she is making. No offence meant to you or anyone else. Cherrie

  2. PS Mums at home can be totally frazzled running around after kids and every one else who thinks that because they are stay at homes that they ought to be doing everything because they have nothing better to do. I know. I've been there. As a stay at home mum I got up at 6 in the morning to feed hubby, worked non stop all day one way or another then finally crawled into bed about 10 or eleven at night. We don't have as much money to spend as other parents so have to work harder to cover our needs. Cherrie

  3. Thanks willywagtail for your comments. As you said, no offence meant and no offence taken! Is there a sainthood for wualification?? I'd like to nominate myself too :)

  4. FFS... not you, Libby... willywagtail up there. That's bollocks that just because a mother is around her child more than another mother that she is going to be there for her child more. Man it makes me angry that we still have these stupid ideas in our heads. I cook, I clean, I f'ing cuddle and you better believe I am there for my family. So does the gigantic village of people that help me nurture my children every day... grrrr...

    Sorry about that, Libby. Just had to get it out as her comment made me furious.

    Now, I thought your post was really good and I admire you for having an opinion on this topic that you are not afraid to shy away from. I read the post you are referring to yesterday and to be honest I didn't have an opinion on her terminology one way or another. Personally I agree that it is all just semantics and we need to ditch the 'SAHM / WAFHM / WAHM' or whatever tags that we have bestowed on each other.

    Ya just gotta do what's right for your fam. That's the sum total of it.


  5. Righto, totally clear on where you stand Bron and I'm there right next to you! Thanks for taking the time to comment :)


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