Friday, September 30, 2011

grabbing victory where we can

So week one of the school holidays draws to a close.  Can you hear the sigh of relief!

Having thrown myself into the abyss that is a little girls 'pony-club fantasy' we have emerged relatively unscathed from the 3 day extravaganza.

Highlights of the week would have to include:

  1. All clothes that were purchased (in my moment of weakness) have made it home
  2. Requests (a polite way of describing nagging) for us to purchase a horse have been minimal!  Perhaps my look of abject horror the first time this was posed on the drive home from Day 1 may be to blame for this...quite unusual really as they don't give up that easily as a general rule.
  3. The ease of the drive which had seemed quite daunting to me initially but as a working mum, the drop off and pick up across town was remarkably stress-free (love Sydney traffic on school holidays...all self respecting people are on VACATION!!!!)
  4. Oldest KAT managed to ingratiate herself with the stable hands....she is now a dab hand at tacking and feeding horses.  Now I just need to work out something with the riding school to ensure there's a bit of quid pro a significant discount for them using my daughter as unpaid labour!!!!
  5. The pleasant surprise of deciding to spend the 3rd day shopping in suburbs I never get to as they're on the other side of the city....I decided to do make-up time next week and instead of working spent 90minutes walking around Centennial Park and then shopped up a storm for stuff for our kitchen reno which still needed a few details to be complete...happy mummy!!
Images speak louder than words don't they.  Pure delight, money well spent if you ask me!!!

This may go down as my most extreme moment of parental excess to date (hell we haven't even got to high school formals yet).  I don't care (thank goodness SM is still overseas).  I'm really happy with the outcome....a great week was had and so far I'm off the hook for agisting a horse at this point!!!!

What's the most extravagant thing you've ever done for holiday entertainment for your children??  Inquiring minds would love to know???????????????

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