Friday, September 9, 2011

Grateful for SM as opposed to S&M

Apparently I've been misleading.

According to one of my brothers (hello if you happen to read this!) I've created the impression that I'm not adverse to a bit of titillation in the 'spicing up your marriage' department.

Yes, my brother has been getting a chuckle out of my references to my husband as "SM"....and the fact that in my sidebar I make mention of the fact that this is a "private joke" between him and I!!!!

He actually suggested that I might have adopted this term as a strategy to attract viewers to my blog!!!!

Would that be a first in the world of mummy bloggers?  Toss in a few references to plastic fantastic and fluffy hand-cuffs in the boudoir and see how Googles SEO (search engine optimization) latches onto that!

Clearly I have not reached this point of desperation quite yet :)

Therefore, in the interests of clarification, I shall make it clear (as it obviously wasn't) that my term of endearment for my long suffering husband is SM, that would be upper case 'S' for Saint and upper case 'M' for Mike (there the secret is out).  There is an never has been an ampersand in the middle!!

Saint Mike may one day speak for himself as to why he has been tagged with this can read my post here to give you some idea of why he is deserving, in my opinion of saintly reverence  (when his halo isn't falling down around his neck and strangling him!!!!)

I should also clarify that whilst our nocturnal activities aren't quite as salacious as my brother would like to think, we're QUITE HAPPY THANK YOU and have mastered the art of medicinal sex (that's definitely a post for another time!)

I'm quite pleased with myself for being organized to do this as a Grateful Saturday post. 
Today they're being hosted by Kymie over at A Day in the Life of Us.

Swing on over (okay couldn't help myself) and check out some of the lovely grateful posts here

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  1. Thats funny...I am sure he would be happy with either label connotation xx

  2. why do brothers have to ruin the fun hey ??? Great post - love the swing line.
    Happy Saturday :)

  3. Good on Saint Mike, glad you have a celestial companion in this life!

  4. Hehe! Love the swing on over line!

    Medicinal sex... ok I havre to come back to read that!

  5. Oh, you have me giggling! I love the SM references, and now your secret is out!

    Thanks for linking up today. So glad I was able to 'meet' you. (This hosting business has been awesome - so many wonderful blogs!)

    Your's being one of them!


  6. Tee hee, what a lovely way to refer to your husband. Now we'll all watch for a typo of S&M when you refer to him one day & the truth comes out, PVC pants, whips & all, love Posie

  7. PS so cute your brothers would read your blog, my brothers wouldn't even know i had one, my sister does but is not into social media. Love Posie


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