Monday, September 26, 2011

Horse-Mad Holidays

So have I told you I'm a sucker for anything pony-club related??

Is it possible that I've been blessed with three girls so I can live vicariously through them as they don their jodphurs and riding boots?? 

Hmmmmm me thinks so!  We're too poor and city-bound to afford much in the way of equestrian activities but occasionally I let the genie out of the bottle  and this holidays the genie has been well and truly given free reign (ha ha look a horsy pun!!)

For three glorious days, KAT 1 & KAT 2 are attending a horse-riding camp and BOY were they excited.  This is the second camp they've attended this year, in the winter school hol's I did it as a 'reward' for great behaviour whilst SM was overseas....and we've repeated it again for this school hol's as it was such a "winner".

The only mistake I made was in one-upping myself by telling them that for this camp I would buy them the requisite attire as they found the grungy boots provided by the school ill-fitting and uncomfortable at the winter mum, with the SUCKER in huge letters on her forehead traipsed off to Horseland with the three KATs thinking I was going to be leaving with ONLY two pairs of reasonably priced boots!!!!!


We departed Horseland an hour later and $400 poorer in possession of:
  • two pairs of boots
  • two pairs of jodphurs
  • two pairs of riding gloves
  • two puffy vest/jacket thingys which I fell in love with (RM Williams)
  • One polo shirt with a horse on the back for the littlest KAT
I was lucky to get out of there without a life-size plastic horse that they spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to brush (have I mentioned it was plastic???)...littlest KAT had it by the 'lead' and was encouraging her sisters to drag it around the store :)

Anyhoo mummy grinned and bore it as it was ALL of my own doing!

So this morning they were up bright and early attired in their 'gear' and we had the joy of presenting littlest KAT to her daycare provider with the afore-mentioned polo shirt on back to front (ie buttons at the back)....why you ask?

Well that's what you do when the picture of the horse is on the back of the top and you are four and insist that you want to 'see' your pink we wear it back to front don't we!!!!

Do you harbour any horse-riding fantasies from child-hood?


  1. I was never really into horses as a kid, as a teen yes, when we had land, but now as a mummy, I did try to take my 3 oldest kids to have a ride on my sister's horse. 10 minutes later, Ms Bossyboots and Sir Sookalot were covered head to wrist in hives. It was so bad that it took 2 whole days for all the swelling to go down.
    Have gone privet for my blogg. email me if you still want to follow me.

  2. this where I say I am glad I have boys!?


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