Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morning Walk Etiquette

A couple of weeks into my morning constitutional (that would be my walk not a bowel movement) and I must be feeling better as I've got the energy to contemplate morning walker etiquette.

It probably says something about my personality but my morning walks are tending to follow about three varying routes that get me out and back to the KATs in 60minutes....God forbid I vary them and end up being out there for longer!!!!! 

Regardless of the route, you will not be surprised to hear that I pass a number of people who are also motivated to drag their sorry butts out of bed and get out into the beautiful morning air at 6am. 

Some of them look less than impressed to be out and about...dragged along by their dogs or just simply shuffling along on their own. 

Others are kitted out in outfits that would give Rocky a run for his money...I'm not joking, there's one woman who wears a parka with the hood up and tracksuit pants...all she needs is a towel draped around her neck and she'd be set!!! 

She's marginally in front (in terms of attire as opposed to speed) of this other Ladee who is adorned in a parachute tracksuit in neon colours that has got to be the last surviving relic from the 80's...she sort of billows along rather than striding :)

In the melting pot that is my morning walk, there are those who smile, there are those who smile and say hello and then there are those that steadfastly ignore me as they pass..................and it's becoming more and more tempting to freak them out by suddenly jumping towards them as they approach me with a huge HELLO and a smile that would make Jack Nicholson blanch!!!!

How is it possible that you can:
  1. Have actually got out the door at this hour of the morning
  2. Have actually gotten your clothes on (unless you slept in them) before leaving said place of residence
  3. Have achieved 1 & 2 and be out in the fresh air filling your lungs to the brim
  4. Experiencing at least a minor endorphin rush as a result of getting some exercise
and STILL not be able to summon up a decent little smile...just a tincy one............PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So please tell me wiser readers than I, what exactly should one do in these cases??  Should I walk past and pretend they too are invisible?  Or should I act like a mature adult (avoiding giving them a heart attack) and flash them my unbrushed pearly whites as I stride past?

What would you do????????????


  1. I always do the quick upward nod and smile. Ha ha ha. Good on you for getting out there.

  2. I always catch their glance & say hello, smile & on our way, then it becomes funny when you keep meeting, every day, love Posie

  3. I have taken to smiling like a loon and saying a big hello...I often do this to feaked out teenagers in the town centre who have crossed the road to avoid their a treat!!! Try it...and remember that just because they look bed tempered doesn't mean they resting facial expression is usually a scowl...doesn't mean I'm not happy!!!!!!!!


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