Monday, September 12, 2011

Chopping My Day Away

Eating well is a time consuming process.

It is completely beyond me how healthy (read thin) people manage to fit anything into their day with the amount of time they must devote to chopping, squeezing, juicing, and all the other 'ings' that go with a healthy diet.

Perhaps my knife skills are just not up to scratch because one of the most frustrating things when you are really famished and are trying (really hard) to stick to your correct macronutrient targets is the preparation involved in getting the food ready to eat!

As I type this, a little voice is saying "yes but that's why you need to be more organized - pre chop food etc" but I am soooooo exhausted from being flogged to death by Mark the trainer from Biggest Loser central casting that I can barely lift my arms to cut another vegetable up!!

Fresh, close to nature still needs to be taken from the fridge, washed, de-ended (can't think of a better description) or de-seeded, then thrown together with the requisite amount of protein (think lots of tuna), cottage cheese and then I can actually consume it....this is all quite daunting when I am still in major 'deprivation' mode...I'm sure it will get better but far out, can someone send me a chef to do all the food prep...I can see why diet food deliveries are so attractive to people.

Regardless of my chopping and slicing angst I remain a bit daunted by this caper but am nonetheless DETERMINED (like my little friend the tortoise) and !  I am recording everything, weighing it as well and have managed to do 195minutes worth of cardio since last Thursday night, plus I got flogged by Mark this am quite pleased with my level of commitment (nearly burst into tears when he made me do a fourth set of chest presses, felt like there must be a camera hiding somewhere).

SM thinks it's bloody hilarious!  His halo is poised to strangle him!!!

I'd love to hear your tip's on how you manage to eat healthily and still get out of the house...let me know!


  1. Oh Lib, I love the way you write. So funny!

    We're vegetarian over here, and I must say that there is more preparation needed than if we ate meat. And to top it off, I'm trying to keep preservatives out of our house, so if I can't buy it, I bake it.

    I am out of the house daily, and do big cook ups on Sunday. Then while dinner is on, I prepare for the next meal/s (like bircher muesli for lunch, or cooking rice for patties the following night). Then you always have something 'pending' and it's easier to finish it rather than thinking you have to start from scratch.

    Gosh, that really was worth of its own post, no?

    I really admire your willpower to do this. And because of that, you WILL do this.

    Cheering you on!! xx

  2. Now, you know we eat bircher muesli for breakfast right?

    Must be sleep time! x

  3. For me I find it easiest to stick to a healthier eating plan when I menu plan. It takes the guess work out of it. I chop one big salad on a Sunday Arvo and chop up all my veg for stirfries at the beginning of the week. I find that if I do one big chop up, it really does save time later in the week.

  4. Ooooh thanks @ Kymmie, you're so sweet:) When I re read this post it comes across to me as what you get when your blood sugar levels are low ie a bit nuts!!!!

    @ Rebecca - I will take you advice and get some pre-chopping done for the stir fry and salads that I know I'll be eating!

    Thanks for commenting ladeez it's a thrill to see your lovely words :)


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