Monday, August 15, 2011

Running To or Running From?

Last year I hated Monday's.  Most of the time.  That was because I had in complete ignorance of the ramifications agreed to work on a Monday (plus Tuesday and Thursday but we won't go there today). 

With 12 months back at work under my belt I switched my work day's to Tuesday, Wed & Thurs in 2011 and haven't looked is MUCH better! 

I no longer spend Sunday with a knot in my tummy contemplating all the things I wanted to get done before the new week began and just haven't got to.  Instead, I have my Monday's to off-load two of the KAT's at school and then get on with my day with our 4yr old KAT in tow...and I looove Monday's as a result.

If there's a day that's not on my favourite's list anymore it's more than likely to be Tuesday.  Drop off at daycare after a four day break is ALWAYS hysterical which breaks my heart as the littlest KAT screams and clutches at my clothes beseeching me NOT to leave her.  I know in my logical brain that the tempest lasts only as long as it takes me to make the first turn out the street where her daycare centre is...but it still has the power to wash over me with such intensity that I feel positively exhausted by the time I get back in the car to drive off.

Today I got out of there with her cries echoing, drove down to my local cafe to stop and have a coffee and do the crossword (part of my work day ritual) and realized I didn't have my purse in my bag (that would be the bottomless pit that usually does regurgitate my purse after a little bit of rummaging around).  Not I had to drive home and get it all the while trying to stay calm as I was running on NO caffeine, no food and the high drama of drop-off!!!

Hence, today's post is about the plight of all of us mothers, regardless of whether we work outside our homes or not...some days I'm not sure if I'm running to or from something, I just know that I'm running!!  Breathing hard, every fibre of my body aching, wishing for a good lie down but running onwards :)

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