Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Having been travelling down the Blog road for 18 months now, I am continually amazed and inspired by so many of you.

Each blog I read, from the most humble 'just keeping a diary for the kids to read one day' to the ones that are Nuffnang 'manna from heaven' (and all the ones in between) are so special.

When anthropologists look back at things in another 50 years, the uptake of blogging by women will surely have to rate it's own chapter...if not a book!!

Yesterday I was at the doctors and a mum was there asking the two receptionists if they could sign a form for her (she needed two signatures)....she commented that with 2 kids under three she could go days without meeting two people at once!  I'm sure that was tongue in cheek (or I think it was). 

Whilst logging onto a blog won't help her with her signatures, how nice is it to think that you can still 'connect' with people when otherwise you would be quite isolated :)

I enjoy reading about the challenges, the triumphs, the trivialities and all the other 'stuff' that you post.  It's a privilege to be a part of your world...even if only your blogworld!

I know I'm just regurgitating all the stuff that's been said before on the value and enjoyment of blogging but hey, it's my blog...I can regurgitate if I feel like it:)

I was going to list some that inspire me at the moment but the truth is that singling them out would be too difficult!!  Suffice to say that staying up to date with my blogs is an important and savoured part of my day.



  1. Ah Libby, 'blogmiration' is a fantastic word! I *love* it. You should lay claim to it (if no one else has already) and have a regular series of posts where you profile your favourite blogs. Just a thought. Oh, and I completely echo your sentiments, of course! J x

  2. I like the blogmiration word too. Ditto to what Jane says, love finding new blogs to soak up. Well this lucky blogger is going to hunt you down in the Summer school holidays, our collective 6 girls & my token extra son (fear not, he'll be a hit with your little ladies) on the beach, i can't wait!!
    After you see my Grateful post on Saturday you'll know what blogging means to me. Love Posie

  3. Hi Libby, have just been having a read of your lovely blog. I am new to the blogging world and also had my blog designed by the clever Katrina! I also read sooooo many blogs that inspire me. Your KAT's are gorgeous, bec x


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