Saturday, October 1, 2011

to spray tan or not to spray tan

I'm experiencing a first of sorts.  It's wierd and scary but strangely addictive....

I'm leading in something.  Given that my usual position in any sort of 'competition' is usually bringing up the rear this is most definitely a moment of wonder for me.

What am I leading in I hear you ask??

That would be my club's 9 Week know, the thing that has been ripping the fat off me faster than a Dyson sucks random objects left on my floor?

At the 3 week mark I am 6.7kg's down and am officially WINNING by a significant margin on the 'leader board'.  My closest competition is some bloke (pretty sure it's a guy)...and I don't care cos unless he's considering a sex change in the next 6 weeks he's in a different comp!!

Unlike the Biggest Loser, this comp is purely on weight loss....not total percentage of weight loss in relation to your kudos to me for being a giant heifer and there possibly being only mildly overweight women trying to lose their last few kilos of baby weight (I don't know this for sure but supposing it's the case I've got an immediate advantage as I have BIG numbers to forcibly remove from my frame).

Anyway, I don't care....I'm just totally amazed that I'm actually the leader at this point.

My trainer from Biggest Loser central casting keeps stressing that I not get complacent....I'm assuring him that's the least of my worries...I'm more at risk from completely self-sabotaging this little campaign as my imposter-syndrome psycho behavior is just itching to get a bit of the limelight and stuff my good work up.

So far, I've kept this under control and am sticking to the rigid, 'take-no-prisoners' food plan like the proverbial chewy on the sole of your best sandals.

As I march into week 4 I am already starting to think about my 'after' shot....I can't avoid them really as they are plastered all over the studio as a form of motivation.  Now, on the one hand they do the trick...but they are also a salient lesson in the perils of spray tan's and how to look like a skinnier version of oneself with a skin tone that has the same tone as a dried apricot!!!

I am sure I will seek input on this as week 9 draws closer - to spray tan or not to spray tan, to go the full blow dry and apply make-up that is usually saved for work only (and usually applied in the car park before going into my workplace) and potentially splashing out on some new bra and knickers to create a spectacular foil to the nanna knickers and bra I was donning for the 'before' photo!!!

In the meantime, enjoy the photo of my smiling face 6.7kgs down from 3 weeks ago...taken by the oldest KAT down at the beach yesterday :)


  1. Congratulations on your weightloss! You're doing so well!

    I'm scared of spray tans. Despite seeing many examples of a 'good spray tan' I've also seen my fair share of 'bad' spray tans.

    I too scared I'd end up with the latter and despite thinking about doing it I've always chickened out.

    If you can find a recommendation from someone you trust then I say go for it :)

    Regardless of whether you have one or not I'm sure you'll look super hot in your 'after shot'!


  2. Thanks Kate! Yep, I'm with you...go with a recommendation, I'll be on the look out now for someone that doesn't look the shade of a dried apricot:)

  3. Liz, Do NOT get a spray tan!!! No no no!!! Yes, apply makeup are naturally lovely, without the need for bootpolish!! Well done on the weightloss! It is a great photo and you look so chuffed with yourself! Keep up the good work!

  4. So proud of you Libby!!! Love your blog makeover. What a spunk (and the blog too!) xx


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