Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too Olive For Its Own Good

I have two sisters.  An older sister who lives in country Victoria (happy birthday for the 13th if you happen to read this K) and a younger one who lives near Cambridge in the UK.  I also have two younger brothers...one of whom gave me the lovely feedback on my shorthand for Saint Mike!

My younger sister and I are alike in many ways...most of them good :) 

We have a few qualities that can be both a blessing and a curse.  For example, we were both at the deep end of the pool when they turfed in the 'foot in mouth' gene...which was shortly after they tossed in a hefty dose of the 'let's call a spade a shovel' gene!!

Proof in point - upon reading my post on my favourite things for this month, my younger sister calls me up and informs me that:

a) The olive green patio setting has got to go
b) She's not a fan of my new blog design!!!

.....on the upside she quite likes the positioning of the lovely Samoan photos she gave me.

This got me to thinking.

Is she the ONLY person that took one look at the patio setting and shook their heads in disbelief???  I somehow think not...at least one friend who reads my blog (hello JB) has now tactfully informed me that it's a bit of a shocker (not the frame just the cover) and that it comes down to the fringeing/tassley bit!!!

So I'm opening up the floodgates for anyone who does read this blog to truthfully tell me that they hate the patio setting....if it makes you feel better I've decided I hate it too and have bought a lovely new oilcloth in blue and white (and no fringe)!  Now I just need to make time to do it...

JB also commented (verbally) that the medicine cabinet looked better in 'context' with the rest of the kitchen...thanks to Rebecca from Rebecca Getting Real who was a fan of it based on only seeing the photo I provided :)

For everyone else, here's another shot of it 'in situ' surrounded by our new kitchen and Ikea shelves (and more of my copious supply of storage baskets)

I cleaned the counter especially before taking this shot :)

On the topic of the new blog design, I'm also happy to take feedback so feel free...I'm keen on it but I also liked my old blog heading with SM and the girls legs...


  1. Totally love the blog design. It matches your lovely kitchen.

    I am also the middle of two girls and have a younger brother. We younger two were also swimming waaaay out of our depth when tact and diplomacy were being handed out.

    So whilst I would never in a million years have bought that god awful patio setting, we still have a whole lot in common. x

  2. Oh, do I feel sheepish!

    I really love the medicine cabinet! The kitchen looks great with the new splashback and the shelf etc...

    You know my thoughts on the blog design! I too quite liked the leggy shot. Having said that I do like the new design, colour scheme is tres lovely.

    gobby younger sister signing off.

  3. Geez are you sure you're we're not related Bron??? As for you younger sister...now you're just sucking up!!!

  4. I do like the new blog design and colours. Very calming to look at. But one thing that has occurred to me is that it doesn't really capture you sunny personality mixed with a bit of fiestiness that we all love you for. Wonder how you could incorporate that?

    l also miss the legs. Thought that was a quirky, clever idea. Could you stick the legs in the side panel?


  5. Thanks anonymous...what a lovely comment :) I will talk to my peeps and see what can be done...I too was quite attached to the 'leg' shot...thanks for commenting!


I looooooove comments....thank you for taking the time :)

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