Monday, October 24, 2011

Inquiring Minds Want to know

At the request of my younger sister I'm posting a current shot of me to prove that I indeed the incredible shrinking woman (or at least my boobs are!!!!)

As of last Friday I'd lost 11.6kgs

Mid way through Week 7 with two and a bit weeks to go the situation can be summarised as follows:

  • I'm buggered!
  • I've gone through 2 packs of disposable happy pants having realized that morning walks and my bowels are never going to get along :)
  • I'm sick of the monotony of my daily regime of protein shakes, plain chicken, plain lean beef and NO fruit/nuts/potatoes for this last 3 weeks
  • I've graduated from 90 min of 'moderate walking' per day with 15 min of 'hard cardio' to 60 min of walking plus 30 minutes of 'hard cardio'....which for me is the "Cliff Young Shuffle" (for those of you NOT Victorian and as old as me he was a geriatric long-distance runner in the 1980's that shuffled rather that jogged....but he got there in the end!)
  • I take so many pills at night that the KATs think it's fun to feed them to many colours mum!!!  Don't worry they're all safe...there's just quite a few of them!
  • Mark my trainer told me on Monday that's it's all 'mental' from here on in...yes I thought, in one sense it definitely is bloody mental...don't think that's what he meant sadly!!!
  • I'm still on top of the leader board...planning on staying there if it kills me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Have I mentioned I'm buggered?????????????????????
The next few weeks are going to be dire, I can feel it already - throat sore today and feel like I just want to go and have a very long nap!  I will keep going though as "Project L" as SM calls it has been well worth it so far...I like the competitive, goal-oriented, STRONG person that I am becoming :)


  1. Oh Libby, good for you! What a fabulous result. I really admire your persistence - you're a legend! J x

  2. You are much more than a legend! Wow! Will and I are both GOBSMACKED at your progress!!! Very very very well done gorgeous sister. You are disappearing before my very eyes.


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