Monday, October 17, 2011

Unreliable tooth fairies

I think SM and I need to outsource our tooth fairy responsibilities.

For the second time in as many months, we have proven ourselves to be completely and utterly unreliable in this department.

Thankfully the way we have literally fallen asleep on the job has been in respect to lost teeth from the mouth of our oldest KAT...she finds the whole thing highly amusing as she is completely attuned to the fact that the 'tooth fairy' is just a euphanism for 'free money'!!

After the first instance of 'failure to deliver' which occurred whilst SM was overseas, I did what all self-respecting parents do.  I bribed her into silence...the 'tooth fairy' agreed to take it on the chin and double the contribution for her this way she kept quiet and didn't let the littlest KAT know what the tooth fairy can sometimes be guilty of unacceptable standards.

I blamed the first incident on SM, he has always been the one to masquerade as the tooth when the baton was passed to me in his absence it was a given that I would forget to do it....but this time, SM was at he has no excuse (don't you love the double standard!).

Tonight I will write him a coded message left on the bathroom mirror to remind him of his tooth fairy obligations...and this will hopefully avert a manky looking tooth remaining under the pillow for a third night running!!!

How do you approach the whole tooth fairy situation?  Do you have a special receptacle (a la the picture can actually buy these on Etsy!!!!)...or do you just go with the tooth naked under the pillow? 

Oh and how much do you pay out per tooth (we are a gold coin family!)????

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  1. Maxi literally lost his first tooth. The second I accidentally put into the dishwasher... we are not doing that great over here either!

    The tooth fairy pays 2 gold coins for a tooth. She seems okay so far with the notes left under the pillow apologising for the absence of a tooth (and instructions to check inside sleeping mouth for evidence of loss).

    Plus, a little extra present (from mum and dad) when the first tooth is lost. Only because I'm demented and can't stop buying my kids crap they don't need. I am setting them up for a lifetime of materialistic pain but I can't stop. I blame the working mother guilt... x

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  3. Didn't mum and dad get us to leave our teeth in a glass of water, which was replaced by 50 cents the next morning? Henry is still to lose teeth, but all suggestions are gladly accepted!


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